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Upcoming Pause + Possible Contest?

Journal Entry: Sat May 23, 2015, 5:25 PM

If you're reading this about the contest, skip more towards the bottom for more details!

Hello everyone! I just thought I needed to boot out that other journal and put up some hah hah. There's a few things to mention, and those who are intrigued about the new upcoming stuff may wanna read on to get a better idea of when stuff will go down. So keep reading if you are interested! (or if something ELSE in the title caught your interest...heh heh)

I'll get the boring stuff out of the way first. With only one more old drawing left to post, and me still not having the new stuff ready for showing yet, this will mean another possible gap of no submissions. Work has been keeping me very busy, but this has basically been me sacrificing time to work on art for a meatier paycheck. And let me tell is paying off WELL. I work a lot, but I'll get my own place in no time! I'm just playing it safe for now until I get past my 90 days and solidify my place as a mail carrier. But I DO work on things when I can!

I am pleased to say that I feel I've made significant progress on things. The designs are nearly set outside of a few new faces I need to design, but otherwise, I've finally got a ground base to work from...I know I know this might sound like gibberish to most, but you'll know what I'm talking about once you see it =3

Now you may be wondering...what's this about a contest?

Well it's not set in stone yet really. In fact, I've much rather get you folks opinion on whether I should hold one or not. One of my reasonings for even holding one though is cause A.) I may or may not wanna see how well people's design skills are...and B.) I have a slight vacation starting next Sunday, in which I'll get to spend another delightful two weeks with my dear :iconalucard009: while he comes to visit me =3 So I thought maybe I can hold a contest during that time. Why not? It's the summer time! People are finally gonna be out of school, and it'll give my watchers something to do while I have a submission dry spell.

But here's what I wanna ask you folks. What would it take to even pull in submissions for such? Would you only enter if say the prize had a certain something in it? IF so what would that something need to be? Would what the contest's subject matter is need to matter? Or you just in it for fun?

I'll probably make a poll on it, but I'd love to know more details from you lovely folks =) If you need certain details known, below is what I was thinking...

Contest Subject: Colored Dragon Character Design (visual artwork only, sorry writers =( )
Potential Prizes:
-A picture or two from myself
-A chance for whatever you design to become an official character in my upcoming project

So why dragon? Well there's a particular part of my project centered around them...and get this. There's a significant lack of characters designed for it! And I thought maybe some folks out there would like to have a shot at putting their mark within it.

There is one drawback though...and that is, any designs that win, that design becomes owned my myself (unless in the end, I only use a portion of the design, in which case, I'd probably not be so cruel as to take it under my own rights). I'm not sure how else to say it I guess... I'm not necessarily asking for personalities to go along with these characters designs, so don't go throwing your main OC at me! This is just a fun way for me to see if I can get some help at new dragon designs is all.

If all this sounds like a good idea, let me know! Also let me know if you'd even be willing to enter! Something turn you off from it? Would you rather a different prize? Lemme know in your comments or in the poll!

That is all for now =) Have a good day folks! Next you hear from me will be at the next submission!

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If I held the contest stated in the journal, would you enter? 

6 deviants said Absolutely! (woot!)
4 deviants said It's not my cup of tea so nah. (it's okay I don't like tea either)
2 deviants said I would but only if the subject was different (dragons aren't for everyone sadly)
1 deviant said I would but only if the prizes were different (comment and tell me then!)
No deviants said Comment ( I need to explain this one?)


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Here ya go, I finally got around to it, glob Im lazy. X3…

it's just a concept though, the final product will definitely look different. X3 
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j-matt Featured By Owner May 2, 2015
it's done :D have a look →…
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